The Foundation for Education Study Gods word, skills, gifts & talent
The Foundation of Family How to live a word based life, (person/family)
The Foundation of Church / Fellowship How to administer a Word based Ministry
On the Foundation of the Word of God Whole Word of God in spirit and truth
The Foundation for Finances The Word of God, Biblical principles
The Foundations for your calling Ministry / Farming / Business / Sports / Art
The Foundation for Health How to life an abundant life (Spirit, soul and Body)

The Foundational training which is taught on the Foundation of Jesus Christ, the Word:

Done through our Datya Church/Fellowships, Datya Bible College, Datya Training centers and partnering with the Body of Christ, Kingdom Networks, Ministries & Christian Organizations 

By training up Leaders, called by God, to function in and build His Kingdom. Training them at the Datya Ministries Training centers (Farms) so that they then can go out to fulfill their calling and purpose in Christ body and Kingdom.

"The Spirit of the Lord is on me,because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free"

(Non denominational ministry) that has been called to Father Leaders and Motivate Missions (Apostolic Ministry). Fathering Leaders and Motivating Missions based on the foundation of Jesus Christ (The Word of God – The whole Bible) led by the Holy Spirit, to do the will of Abba Father by Faith, in Grace and obedience.
(1 Corth 3:11, Eph 4:11-20, Math 6:33; 22:36-39; 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-20, Eph 2:8, John 8:32,
John 14:6, 2 Corth 5:17, Phil 1:6, 2Tim2:15, Gal 2:20, Prov 3:5-6,   )
“Datya” is a Hebrew word which means “Faith in God”. God gave us the Ministry  name in 2007.  (Unity – Completion, God’s  number). Here is the Hebrew pictographic meaning of  “Datya “
Seen  YHWE  Covenant sign   Door
Datya, the Door, to the Covenant sign, so that YHWE, can  be Seen
Datya Ministries International is also registered as a Non Profit Organization or Company. Registration number: 2011/132880/08 in South Africa.
We are born again Christian families, committed to serve Jesus Christ and His Kingdom by applying the Apostolic Ministry format according to the Bible, not an institution or a man made doctrine, but the way of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Our goal (Fathering Leaders) here and now is to ready, mature and edify the body of Christ until He comes back for His Bride. To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in truth and spirit and help those who are lost, hurting, back slidden and the poor, to see who the King of kings is and what His Grace has done for us. To also help them to better understand what Grace is and what it all means, Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us and how He is….. “the Way, the Truth and the Life”.
Our objective (Motivating Missions) is to practically give them Gods word, which is the only foundation, Jesus Christ, by spiritually and practically guiding each person, family or fellowship to know who they are in Christ Jesus, how loved and accepted they are, what their purpose in life is and to help them, their families and or fellowships to get to where Gods wants them to be, according to the true word of YHWE, Father God. In what ever function or calling that may be. To establish training centers all around the World, to do exactly this. In so doing, we build Gods Kingdom and fulfill our calling by honoring, praising and worshipping Abba Father in all we do by His Grace, power and authority.  Leaning not on our own understandings but trusting, acknowledging God in all our ways.